Be One of the First 313 to Own this Groundbreaking, Limited Edition Seerah Artwork.
Since launching Irada over 8 years ago, we have been blessed to work with many organizations on very special projects. But none of these projects have been more dear to us than this new project we are announcing now.

Over five years ago, we started working with a new company (website launching soon, inshallah) on an unprecedented Seerah artwork project, the like of which had never been attempted before.
  • Deeply Rich: About 20x more details than ANY seerah poster ever made, in any language.
  • Traditional Spirit: Based on traditional Muslim sources and designed with spirit of instilling love of our Beloved Messenger (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim).
  • Contextualized: based on hundreds of Seerah lessons by dozens of Western Muslim scholars, uniquely written and designed for English audiences.
“This is an excellent, engaging, and thoughtful presentation of the Life of the Messenger of Allah (peace & blessings be upon him) and some of its key lessons. Perfect for anyone or any family seeking to connect to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his beautiful life.
—Shaykh Faraz Rabbani
“A stirring and priceless treasure-trove of reliable knowledge about God's most beloved messenger.”
—Shaykh Hamza Karamali
The First Edition
After 69 months (over 2,000 days) of research and, literally, thousands of design iterations, we are excited to announce that they will launch their website and will start publicly taking orders after a few months, insha'Allah. 

But before doing so, they agreed to allow our customers a special honor.

We have been given exclusive rights to make the special first edition available only to Irada customers as a reward for your support which allowed our artists and staff to put in so much time and energy into this project.

This will be a special, very limited, 313-print gicleé canvas edition. After these first ones sell, no more will be available until the official launch later on this year.
Your Exclusive, One-Time Opportunity!
We are excited to announce that we have opened up sales for this special first-edition version which we have nicknamed, “The Badr Edition”, in honor of the 313 Sahaba who participated in Badr.

Because there will only be 313 prints made available at first, we wanted you to be one of the few people to own it.
“This Seerah artwork propels the concept of ‘Islamic art’ to innovative heights. Bold and modern in aesthetics, it is bound to draw the interest of all ages and religions. However, it’s real appeal lies in its sheer scope and meticulously organized material concerning our beloved Prophet ﷺ, which means it can be utilized in a myriad of ways and settings, and I hope, renders it a powerful and interactive tool for learning about the life and teachings of the greatest human being to have lived on this earth.”
—Shaykh Jamir Meah
Perfect For:
 Parents: Start your kids on a life-long journey to Allah by instilling lessons from the Seerah and love into their lives. Let this artwork be the daily visual cue to spark spark gratitude and awe. 
 Converts: Having trouble discussing Islam with your family? This artwork has been designed to pull in non-Muslims and be conversation starters, especially for those of Christian or Jewish backgrounds. It's a perfect artwork for your guest room … let it be the conversation starter.
 Masjids: Do you have many non-Muslim guests? Do you want to inspire your jama'at with lessons from the Seerah. This artwork will allow them to visualize references in your lessons and khutbas as they walk in and out the masjid. 
 Islamic Schools: Inspire your kids and spark a level of curiosity into the hearts and minds of our Muslim youth. 
Grab Your Copy Now!
“This is a beautiful piece of Islamic art work that would make sense in any modern home. The lines are clean, the colors are sophisticated. At first glance, it is striking. One notices it upon entering the room. It draws the visitor in and remains the focal point of conversation. The longer one spends with it, the more one sees, learns, and appreciates. The layers of graphics painstakingly designed and the events of the seerah carefully authenticated are invaluable. It is a visual teaching tool for young and older Muslims. At the end of a viewing, one comes away with a sense that this is a collection of artifacts – hundreds of newspaper clippings –lovingly preserved and presented to remind us all of the greatest events in history.
—Nausheen Akhter
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or WhatsApp us here:

About the Artwork

The idea at first seemed simple enough: create a content-rich seerah artwork in a timeline format that uses typography as the primary means of displaying different events during the blessed life of the our Beloved Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim).

Basically, the aim was to create the first, deeply-rich Seerah artwork in history.

We've seen many Seerah artworks in various languages produced throughout the world.

Without exception, all had limited themselves to 30–60 main events written with small type and using small imagery such that you could walk by it a hundred times and wouldn't stop to take a look once. 

Instead of serving its purpose of making you stop and reflect on the Seerah, they often became ignored posters, left on some random wall to collect dust.
Previous attempts, as noble as their intentions were, never did full justice to the Seerah by bringing out the various levels of depth that it has to offer.

Nor did we see any that were designed in a way that made you feel like you were there at the time,
experiencing the events unfolding like those around the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) did.  

We all felt that our Beloved Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) and his Blessed Ummah deserved something more than that. 

The challenge presented was to create something using bigger and bolder type and imagery that captured 4–5 times the amount of details in an engaging manner.

It would have to bring you there as if you were experiencing it: the shocks, pains and joys felt from these world-changing events as their news were reverberating first through Mecca, then throughout the Peninsula, then the worlds around them. 
“The first time I saw this amazing Seerah artwork, I was speechless. As a teacher and researcher of the prophetic biography, I began to scan and scrutinize the canvas and realized that not only was every major event included, but many vignettes and lesser-known details were woven in without seeming dry.

For the first time, I saw art come together with knowledge in a deep way. The work can only be described as magisterial and it should grace the walls of every home, mosque and school, because it breathes the words: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him).”

—Ustadh Abdullah Misra
How Quick Can We Design It?
We were asked early on if this could be completed quickly. 

We simply balked at that. 

A quickly designed version would simply entail paying a researcher to put together a quick bullet list and handing it off to a designer with a short deadline. 

We simply couldn’t bring ourselves to do that. Not if we want it to be a work of excellence, something that the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) specifically called all Muslims to. 

It would allow no time for experimenting and serendipitous discoveries

It would not allow years of editing the content with painstaking effort and attention to detail

It wouldn't allow going through every single line and carefully selecting the best wording, font, sizing and spacing, going through dozens of iterations on every line, making sure each line was given the attention and care it deserved.

We wouldn't allow us to go through hundreds of Seera lectures and steadily try to instill into the artwork the years of work and striving that went through those untold number of lessons and the spirit of their efforts

And it wouldn’t allow time to reflect on the events in the Seerah and how to draw lessons in one’s own life, findings parallels to guide one through the ups and downs.

What would be the point of doing such a work if it wouldn’t give us time to making it something personally profound for us. 

A rushed job never could allow for this. 

We personally never liked rushing regular artwork. How could we rush this?

Such an ambitious artwork required taking a long-term outlook where thousands of hours of studying, listening, reading, writing, editing and designing were all feeding off each other. 

This could only be done by carefully mixing these vital ingredients and letting them simmer and over long periods of time, with each one slowly and steadily complementing and enhancing to the flavor the others has to offer. 

So we set off to first tackle how to even begin and design such an artwork …
“It's been five plus years since Besim first showed me the Seerah design concept he was working on. I begged him then to give me a copy “as is” realizing what a great learning resource it would make.

I've been chasing him ever since and have witnessed several iterations over the years. This is not how it started and was totally worth the wait.

Now the focus will be readying the right wall, choosing the right kind of light fixtures to bring this masterpiece that so beautifully captures the life of our beloved Sallallahu alaihi wasallam into our home.”

—Sameer Hasan

The Challenge
In the beginning we had several core challenges that would guide us:

1) Would it be possible to not only the main events like Badr and the Isra, but also include many of the smaller incidents contained within each of these events that would bring these events to life?

… Answer: Yes!

2) While doing so could it include references to the ayats that were revealed during the main events of the Seerah to serve as interactive references so that one may open up their Mushaf and read related ayats as one goes reads the artwork?

… Answer: Yes!
3) Would it be possible to include major pre-Islamic events, especially related to Ibrahim and Ishmael (peace be upon them), that hold key lessons related to the Seerah?

… Answer: Yes!

4) Can we highlight some important events of key sahaba so that we can learn about those impacted most by the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim)? 

… Answer: Yes!

5) Can we include several sayings of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) so that we can get a taste of his blessed words?

… Answer: Yes!
6) Can we include the major rulings that were revealed (salat, Ramadan, zakat, etc. including the major prohibitions such as wine and interest) so that we can visually understand when and where they were revealed so we can better experience revelation as the Sahaba did?

… Answer: Yes!

7) Can we include references to the marriages during the timeline and a section about the family of the Prophet?

… Answer: Yes!
By using the power of full range of typography and design principles that our Art Director, Besim Bruncaj, has spent over 15 years of study and work refining (along with a deep love of English typography and lettering), and constant reading and rereading of many great books on design and typography during the process, it wasn’t too long before we were inspired with a skeletal design concept that was able to do this with plenty of room to spare. 

This “room to spare” shocked us. 

We realized that this artwork could do even more than what was initially expected. 

This only lead to more and more ideas which greatly expanded the amount of work required and helped bring the artwork to its full potential.

We were told by a number of people that the early versions produced a few months after starting were good enough … we didn’t believe so. 

We saw that there was much, much more we could do. So we plugged away at it over the past few years …

“Amazing artwork detailing the life of the prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) … It's quite exquisite.”

—Hassan Shibly
The Expanded Challenges
With each opening — namely coming up with solutions to these challenges — we were then given further and more challenging proposals.

The new challenges include:

1) Besides the main ayats that were revealed during major events, could we include references to ALL of the verses of Quran and place them into the timeline around the estimated time of their revelation?

… Answer: Yes!
2) Besides key Pre-Islamic events, can we include relevant Biblical stories that will:

a ) highlight the major prophecies in the Bible about the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim);

b) mention stories of other Prophets that will draw in non-Muslims right from the start of the timeline, watching Allah set the stage for our beloved’s mission as the final Prophet and Messenger, the final brick that was missing in a wall of prophets;

c) Connects our Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) with many of the major Prophets (alayhi salaam) in their books showing that they were in reality of one spirit and mission, from the lineage to Abraham to the conquests of Dawud and Sulayman;

d) Provide Muslims a basic understanding of the key proofs of Prophethood from the Bible so that all English speaking Muslims can have a basic understanding of the key arguments about Muhammad in the Bible, easily referenced right above your couch when non-Muslim friends and family members are over or right in a masjid room where non-Muslim guests sit. 

… Answer: Yes!
“Upon first glance, the canvas is visually striking. Your eye is immediately drawn to the calligraphy at the center of the work, and no matter where else you look, that beautiful calligraphy is always in your peripheral view.

The various colors used as well as the bolded dates (wonderfully in a fixed style for continuity) make it attractive and easy to navigate.

The flow of the story line is beautiful, connecting the far past (indeed the beginning of creation) with the present, showing the centrality of the Prophet, God bless him throughout; that all of history surrounds his being, God bless him and grant him peace.”

—Corey Shaver
3) Besides important events related to key sahaba, can we also include incidents of over a hundred sahaba, including lesser known ones that highlight the generous and noble nature of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) and the uplifting and transformative effect he had on their lives, including those who were outcasts before Islam but then became forever ennobled after, from the tortured Muslim slaves in Mecca to those previously mocked and ignored around Medina such as Julaybib, Zahir and the masjid cleaning lady.

… Answer: Yes!
“This noble effort is original in its presentation, amazingly informative in its content, eye-catching in its display, and inspiring for those you seek to be reminded of His beloved 'alayhi salat wa salam.”

—Mikal Flemming
4) Besides a few hadith related to particular incidents, can we include dozens of short, ethical and authentic hadith of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) so that we can periodically glance upon them and reflect on his deeply profound teaching?

… Answer: Yes!

5) Can we include some thematic summaries of his teachings so that those who don't know much about Islam can also learn what he taught in regards to important issues that are especially relevant today (e.g. racism, human rights, justice, the environment, etc.) besides just being a timeline?

… Answer: Yes!

6) Besides just including the marriages of our mothers as bullet points in the timeline, can we also mention a  brief summary of ALL the Mothers of the Believers as well as highlight stories from other female companions during the Seera so that their stories are not forgotten?

… Answer: Yes!
“Anyone who has read seerah literature in English will find diverse approaches and accounts to the seerah that make it hard to get a comprehensive picture of the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him). But, moreover, one also finds the difficulty of keeping track of the names, dates, places and events.

This “Life & Times of the Prophet” artwork provides an objective overview of the seerah timeline in a highly engaging visual presentation that makes it easier for parents, educators and individuals to focus in on particular events and get the most important details for oneself and for teaching others.

One also finds the poster bordered with the inward and outward qualities of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which brings light to the events and increases one's love and awe of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

This seerah artwork is not just a visual piece of artwork, it is a teaching manual in art form that brings the Prophet (peace be upon him) in your home.”

—Ustadh Basim Salim
Besides these challenges, there were dozens of others we had to solve including:

1. Capturing something of the spirit of the miraculous revelation revealed in a stunning Arabic (done by including several verses in Arabic and English featuring breathtaking calligraphy by many of the world's top calligraphers). 

2. Highlighting many of the other miracles besides the Quran that Allah manifested upon his blessed hands (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim).

3. Highlight some of the amazing prophecies such as the stunning signs before the end of times that he alone had foretold (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim). 

4. Capture something of the deep love that the Sahaba and his Noble Household had for him (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) and for the deep love that he has for each of us living today. 

5. Much, much more.
“This noble effort is original in its presentation, amazingly informative in its content, eye-catching in its display, and inspiring for those you seek to be reminded of His beloved 'alayhi salat wa salam.”

—Mikal Flemming
The initial challenge of capturing 4–5 times the amount of details eventually turned to an artwork capturing about 20–50x the amount of information than any Seerah artwork had done before.

By the bounty of Allah and His generosity, not only was a solution was found for each challenge but we were blessed with finding many other aspects of the Seerah along the way.

Of which is the child friendliness of it …
A Visual Seerah Framework For Children!
The initial idea was to create a mostly-typographic artwork geared towards adults, but something funny happened along the way … 

After the project began, we have noticed how young children had reacted quite positively to it, despite it being designed first for adults.

We carefully watched them and took note of what parts and features they liked most, and over
 the past 5 years we have carefully edited it, adjusting the design accordingly in a way that would appeal to both adults and children. Starting first with our own kids.

It was at home that a stunning insight was discovered.

From about the age of 18 months, each of our kids who had gotten used to seeing the latest draft in our home, was able to point to some important events, especially those that were in bigger type or imagery.

I noticed that they were gradually building a visual map of the entire Seerah from a very young age.

We also noticed their love of stories about children, so we made sure to add several touching incidents of the Prophet’s (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) interactions with kids as these beautiful stories give us great insight to how he was able to touch the hearts of the youth around him and forever change them into people of love and high ambition. 

But what about older kids?
Besides being appealing to toddlers we also tested the artwork with older children who can read fluently and, alhamdulillah, we have found that they tend to become immediately captivated by it, often times browsing through the contents completely engrossed for half an hour or more, infatuated by the interplay of various fonts and images, recalling and mapping connections of lessons they had heard previously. 

The hope now is that this will be an artwork that your child can grow with, from their birth until they leave your home so that when they are ready to enter the world as adults, they would have had years with this  artwork providing them a visual framework on how to live their life as the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) would love for them to.  …
“When I first saw a draft of the seerah artwork I knew immediately it was something special.

Although I was attracted to it, I doubted whether it would appeal to my three kids (ages 5–9) as it seemed to be something designed for adults. 

That was until I brought it home for the first time … 

I was amazed when I saw my boys become entranced by it, in particular my 9-year old son. When he saw the seerah artwork he immediately stopped whatever energetic activity he was doing and came over to investigate. For the next twenty minutes or so he was completely silent, totally engulfed by it. He kept taking in all the layers of detail, connecting the events mentioned in the artwork to the stories he already knew of the seerah, seeing the various events and vignettes in a visual timeline for the first time. 

I would strongly urge every parent to get one for their home if you are looking for an inspiring and captivating way to bring the beauty of the Seerah into your kids lives.”

—Saifullah Boahin
Be One of the First!
After spending over 2,000 days on the project we are excited to have launched the artwork!

There are already other related products and services tied to the artwork in development that will greatly increase the amount of benefit you and your family will derive from this artwork, insha'Allah, and deeply enrich your understanding and practical benefits to take from the Seerah. 

This means that when you purchase this artwork, not only will you own the very limited first edition of this artwork, but you will also be one of the early supporters who helped fund several additional Seerah educational products and services, several which will be free for all, helping to spread the light of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) throughout the world, insha'Allah.   

It's not often that we are given the opportunity to be an early part of a unique educational initiative that will help spread the beauty of Islam, forever having all future benefits stored up for us on the Day of Judgement as a Sadaqa jariya (a continuous, flowing and ongoing charity that will testify for you). 
Why 313?
We are limiting this special first edition to 313 copies in honor of the number of Muslims at Badr who sacrificed their very lives so that we can be here today. They understood that sacrificing everything they had during that pivotal point in history was not a real choice; it was the only way to be if they wanted to even continue to worship their Lord, let alone pass it down to future generations. 

Every good that every Muslim has done since is written in their account which is why we can’t even begin to approach their station with Allah.

Thankfully, Allah hasn't tested us as He tested them. We are not asked to give up everything. We are simply asked to find what is the most beneficial thing we can do in the time we are in and then roll up our sleeves so that those after us can still find a straight way to their Lord. This includes not only our own individual worship but supporting every beneficial endeavor that we reasonably can that will help preserve the deen.

We are hopeful that this is one such endeavor and feel very blessed to have played our part in it.

Now is your chance!
What You Will Get!
As one of the exclusive 313 customers who order this first edition you will receive:

1) A very-limited first edition gicleé canvas print of this artwork sized 140cm x 100cm (roughly 50 inches by 30 inches) signed, numbered and dated by the artist. This will ship out once the editing is completed (approximately 6–12 weeks, insha‘Allah). Each one printed using natural pigment inks that are designed to be just as bright and rich 100 years from now as they are today. 

2) A certificate of authenticity that will also be signed, dated and numbered.

3) Exclusive access to a live, online Q&A session with one of the scholars of seerah whose lessons were influential in the development of this artwork along with the designer. We will focus on untold stories of the development of the artwork as well as advice as to how we can use this artwork to bring instill lessons of the Seerah into our lives as well as to our our children. 

4) For each order you make, we will donate a seerah artwork on your behalf to a poor, zakat eligible English-speaking Muslim by the end of the year (when we do a larger-scale print production, insha'Allah) so that 313 needy believers will get their own copy to brighten their homes, allowing them the chance to bring the beautiful life of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) into a poor Muslim family's life.  
As an additional token of our appreciation we will also include for free:

1) Exclusive first access to our Seerah app, weeks prior to publicly launching it.

2) A special set of seerah lessons developed around this artwork completely free (a $99 value). 
“I fell in love at first sight, masha'Allah!

—Habib Dingle

This artwork is the fruit of over 5.5 years of hard work and I'm glad to be able to be finally able to offer it to you for you to share with all your loved ones. 

May Allah accept this intention of yours to help increase the love of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) that you and your family has by purchasing this and sharing it with all around you. Ameen! 

I look forward to being of service.

Was salaam,
Besim Bruncaj
P.S. : Please remember that there are only 313 pieces that will be made. These collector edition artworks are only available once so delaying purchase means you will miss out on being one of the firsts to own this breakthrough artwork. Don't do that!
“This art work is a beautiful representation of the seerah which is aesthetically pleasing and inspiring for those who really sit with it.

—Dr. Tashfeen Ekram
 Witness the Seerah: Experience the seerah as if you were there! 
 1000's of hours: 5+ years of research, design and development.
 Spirited: Designed to capture the feelings and energy of traditional lessons on the Seerah, where instilling love of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) was the essential part.
 Richly Detailed: For the first time in history (in any language) a deeply rich seerah artwork – over 20x more details than previous artworks in any language!
 A Tasteful Mix of Modern and Traditional, Eastern and Western: This unique style took years to get just right, with a blend of old and new, east and west such that it can fit in almost any decor setting! 
“This Seerah artwork combines love for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), traditional Islamic knowledge and prophetic history, and a modern take on sepia inspired art design like no one else before.”

—Atif Khan
Grab Your Copy Now!
Experience the Seerah in a New Way!
There are numerous ways one may look at the Seerah. This artwork attempts to join several on them in an unprecedented way:
 Every Ayat: Every ayat is linked chronologically to the events and periods when they were revealed, allowing you see how revelation played a tremendous role in all the events and showing the Divine wisdom in having sending revelation during the Prophet’s blessed life (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim).
 By those Immediately Impacted: One way to see the Seerah is to see it through the lens of the Sahaba and The Noble Household. Of the greatest proofs of prophethood is how those around him (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) became the greatest people after the prophets to walk this earth. This artwork mentions over 100 Sahaba with dozens of events where their greatness was highlighted.
 Ancient, Historic, Present & Future: Normally the Seerah is only read or heard in a chronological perspective, one moment at a time. With this artwork you can take in all the events related to the life of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) from the events of Abraham to the meeting at the Hawd in Jannah, at a single glance, allowing you to go back and forth through time and make visual connections that wouldn't have been so obvious via other mediums, 
 As if you are there: Experience it almost as if you are there! See these events as they truly were, with each second of the Seerah being a historic event that forever changed humanity forever.  
 Like Owais: Imagine living like the great Owais al-Qarni from Yemen and other believers like him from far off lands, who lived during these events and believed despite never meeting the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim). Imagine eagerly awaiting for any news from Medina. Experience the joys like Badr and the Opening of Mecca or the heartaches like Uhud as they did, awaiting with deep longing for any new reports and revelation.
 Miraculous: Besides the Inimitable Qur’an, the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) was blessed with dozens of other miracles, with more authentically known miracles at his hands than all previous prophets combined. This artwork has several of them sprinkled throughout from the rigorously authenticated and mass trasmitted incident of the palm tree weeping to several incidents related to miraculous water flowing.
“A truly iconic and unique approach to the seerah of our beloved ﷺ. I have had the great honor of witnessing countless iterations over the years and can attest that the work presented here is a result of rigorous research and attention to detail.”

—Haseeb Khan
Grab Your Copy Now!
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